Tencent Sues a Cloud Service

Looks like Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts set an example, when they pulled their games from GeForce Now. This time things are taken a step further, a Chinese media giant Tencent filles a lawsuit against an unnamed cloud gaming service for underused streaming of their game League of Legends.

Tencent Sues a Cloud Service

Not much is known for sure, however here is what we know for a fact. Tencent estimated their losses from the “illegal” use of their property at 9.6m Yuan (around $1.3m). The business that is being sued is also located in China. Tencent has the right to file such a lawsuit, as they own Riot Games, the company that created the game in question.

It is very likely that the main goal Tencent pursues here is not to make money, but rather to gain control over the market and suppress the competitors. They claim that the other service attempted to illegally attract existing Tencent users, while also intentionally lowering the graphic settings of the game to negatively impact user experience.

This lawsuit will definitely impact the industry in general, despite the very clear difference in content distribution laws across the globe.

Source: Abacus News

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