Stadia Connect Promises PUBG and EA Titles on the Platform

Stadia Connect by Google brought us some exciting announcements. The most important news is that Google is working with Electronic Arts. However, this does not mean that we will see the entire library of EA Games on the service any time soon.


The plans are rather limited. Stadia users will get Jedi: Fallen Order and a few games from the Madden NFL and FIFA series by the end of 2020. And at least two more EA games are promised later in 2021.

On top of that PUBG has been added to the Stadia library, the game is free for Stadia Pro subscribers. It even comes with crossplay support, however there is no support for PC crossplay, so it is just the consoles this time which is rather questionable. All of it might not change the global picture too much since the game has been losing audience and the publisher does not seem to take any measures to change that.

Google also announced several new exclusives for the platform. Crayta, Get Packed, Wave Break are all coming to Stadia exclusively. There are also a few non exclusives that will make an appearance on Stadia: Embr, Octopath Traveller and Rock of Ages 3. Plus, yet another co-op shooter Zombie Army 4: Dead War that will be available on Stadia starting May 1st.

This list of the announcements definitely makes Stadia a much more attractive platform, but this is still a far cry from the promises Google made about changing the gaming market. Most of the promises suggest that Google plans to market Stadia as a platform for those who enjoy console gaming and yet don’t own a console.


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