Playkey is looking for miners on a commercial basis

Playkey is looking for miners for their open beta testing. The biggest update from the previous (closed) beta is that miners are getting paid this time. The service offers $50 or an amount of PKT tokens equivalent to this sum.

Playkey is looking for miners on a commercial basis

In order to start working with Playkey you need a 6 core CPU, 16 Gb of RAM and a powerful NVIDIA GPU (GTX 1070 or better). Full list of required hardware specifications can be found on their website:

The offer is intended for those, who happen to have extra computing power at their disposal: owners of mining farms, cyber sport arenas or those who just happen to have an extra high-end machine. The most important part is that said hardware cannot be used when it is being rented out, so you can not use your main PC for that purpose.

Playkey plans to considerably expand their server geography. This step is also expected to considerably reduce the amount of traffic that the servers are currently experiencing due to the ongoing situation.

Source: Playkey

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