Google launch Stadia Makers

Google has announced the launch of their new project called Stadia Makers. It is aimed at independent developers who work on Unity engine (starting with 2019.3 version) and plan on releasing games in 2020 or 2021.

Stadia Makers

Both Google and Unity plan to provide the developers with technical support. The companies also plan to deliver the help needed to release the game. The catch is that the game will have to be released on Stadia as soon as it is ready. Luckily, there is no need to make the game exclusive to Stadia.

Along with the help in publishing and developing games Google intends to offer some financial help, although no exact numbers are known yet. And in addition to all of that the tech gian also promises to provide the developers with up to 5 Stadia devkits that will come in handy for testing and developing the games.

Looks like Google did hear the recent criticism that they were not supporting indie games on the platform and is now trying to change that. We are yet to see if Stadia Makers will help Google improve their relationships with independent game companies.

Developers from all over the world can apply and it is as simple as following a link and filling up a form.

However, Indie is not the only sector of Google’s interest, as the company is also actively looking for large games studios to work with. Just recently there has been an announcement about Google and Splash Damage working together. The latter are well known for their work on Halo: MMC, Gears Tactics and Gears 5. The companies intend to announce the next upcoming project within a few months. Whether it will be a Stadia exclusive or not is something that we are yet to see.

Source: Stadia

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