Cloud Gaming Popularity Grows Across the Globe

Internet service providers report a huge increase in data traffic, which is to be expected. After all, the majority of classes are either cancelled or moved to online platforms and most businesses employees are working from home. However, self isolation is not just about working or learning, as cloud gaming services are also reporting an increase in traffic.

Cloud Gaming Popularity Grows Across the Globe

“Kommersant” surveyed several cloud gaming businesses and found out the following. According to the public data Playkey experienced a 300% growth in profits this March, in comparison with the previous month. Also, based on their March 2020 report, the number of new players multiplied by 1,5.

Meanwhile, GFN had a x2.5 growth of the player base, with four times more visitors on their main page. Their promotional offer with a free plan definitely was an effective one.

Loudplay is also going strong. The amount of new users signing up for the service doubled. On top of that, their active user base saw an 85% growth.

Source: Kommersant

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