A Few More Publishers are Leaving GeForce Now

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, XBOX Game Studios, Codemasters and Klei Entertainment are pulling their games from GeForce Now. Games from the mentioned publishers will not be available after the 24th of April. There are no official reasons named, but it is likely the same licensing issues that made other publishers pull their games.

A Few More Publishers are Leaving GeForce Now

What does it mean for GeForce Now and its users? This means that along with the existing game library limitations, the following games will no longer be available: Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears of War, Forza, Batman: Arkham, Mortal Kombat, Formula 1, Dirt and Don’t Starve.

However, NVIDIA is still supported by one major publisher, Ubisoft. In addition to that, the service promises to bring about 1500 new games and assures users that they are sorting out the legal issues.

Source: Polygon

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